Thursday, October 29, 2009

I have found the Bike Snob

Ever since I stumbled upon Andrew Bernstein’s Goodbye Blue Mondays blog post the ECCC Blogosphere titled “Blogger’s Identity Revealed” I’ve been curious as to the identity of the elusive and insightful Bike Snob NYC.  Andrew’s investigative skills opened the doors to this potential finding.

Countless attempts and close calls have precipitated little-to-no solid evidence as to the identity of the Bike Snob NYC… until now.  Speculation has run awry as to his name.  Some suggest that his name is Eben Weiss, a 36 year-old man from Brooklyn, New York, who races for GS Gotham.  These claims are substantiated, though not proven, by two facts.  On a user commented on this site that:
Eben Weiss

The second bit of corroborating evidence is in that this known incognito photo of the Bike Snob, he can be seen wearing a GS Gotham Jacket:
Bike Snob Gotham
While both of these signs point towards the Eben Weiss theory, they do not prove it.  They are, at best, leads.  These leads, when epistemologically reviewed simply state the following: 1) someone under the name Eben Weiss (because we all know how no one ever lies about who they are on the internet) claims to be the Bike Snob; and 2) that the Bike Snob has, in fact, raced for GS Gotham at some point. 

In somewhat of a brash manner, someone from NY Velocity has also outed Weiss as the Bike Snob here.  This claim has no factual backing when reviewed independently, and may simply be hearsay.  At this point I can neither confirm nor deny beyond a reasonable doubt that Eben Weiss is the Bike Snob; more information is needed in order to corroborate these claims.

Due to the my inability to reasonably link a name with the man, I decided to link the man with a face.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I have found a crisp and clear photo of Bike Snob NYC with (most importantly) an unobstructed face.

My quest began with one sentence from the BSNYC’s Tuesday, October 27th blog that reads,“I realized the fact that I was always opposite an actual photographer clearly meant that every single photographic impulse I have is wrong.”  On a rainy day, Bike Snob found his way into a major New York City auction gallery that held a collection of Lance Armstrong bikes.  Bike Snob simply gave too many details, which I picked up on, and me and my Jedi-like Google skills went to work.  I now present to you the photo Bike Snob NYC.
The Bike Snob

What’s this? Why is his face covered??  Why is there a blurred mark in the middle of the photo???  Why have you lied to us, Kyle?!?!?!  The simple fact of the matter is this:

I don’t want to be that guy who uncovers the face of a legend.  How will Bike Snob reign supreme as the King Critic of the cycling world?  I do want people to know, Bike Snob included, what I’ve happened to accomplish while at the same time fulfilling my collegiate desires to uncover truth behind mystery.   You probably think that this is fake, and that the man in the photo above is just some random individual looking at a Lance Armstrong bike.  It is, however, Bike Snob NYC, and this is how I know…

1) I’ve noticed that Bike Snob likes to wear hats.  In known photos of Bike Snob, he always seems to be wearing head apparel.  This photo seems to be no different.  I illustrate my point here in three of the most popular and confirmed photos of BSNYC:
Bike Snob Hats

2) Bike Snob NYC has the ability to posses facial hair.  Above, Hat 1 and Hat 3 both show some signs of stubble when closely examined.  Facial hair can also be seen through the murky waters of BSNYC’s self-portrait.  In order to portray the facial hair of the BSNYC Discovery Photo, I’ve re-censored the photo to display the facial hair present:

3) The final way I know that the man above is the Bike Snob gets slightly more complicated.  The angle at which BSNYC took this photo…
                                                                      …directly corresponds with the distance and the angle at which the man (BSNYC) is taking the photo in this picture:
The Bike Snob

Yet this is not quite enough evidence to substantiate my claim quite yet, so I continue.  The man who took the picture above is seemingly featured in these two BSNYC photos from the gallery…
copying photog
 …and appears to be same man featured below in a photo from an independent source, which has been validated as the photographer of the BSNYC Discovery Photo.  Association between the three photos is based on hair style, placement of widow’s peak, and camera type:

Furthermore, additional analysis between photos from this man above  and BSNYC photos were checked.  The man above took this photo:
Kenny Scharf

                                                         … while Bike Snob took this photo:


Both photos are of artist Kenny Scharf doing brief detail work on a TT bike of Lance’s for which he did the artwork.  He can be seen in these wearing the same clothing.

I perused this for my own intrigue and closure.  By now I’m sure you are aware that I have omitted certain names of photographers or where exactly I found various photos.  As I’ve mentioned, this is to maintain the integrity of the Bike Snob because I don’t want to kill a legend and mystery, and once again:

To the Bike Snob NYC.  May your ridicules continue.

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  1. Did you see this?

    Definitely bears a resemblance to the figure at Sotheby's. The color of the bikes seem to match. Also the tattoo on the lower right leg. Or maybe BSNYC is YOU and this is all diversion!